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My Two Cents -

My Two Cents Category

“Kneading Mom’s Love”

In: My Two Cents

Check out my newest article on TheJewishWoman!

Tisha B’Av

In: Judaism/Spirituality, My Two Cents

So, here we are in our new apartment in Cherry Hill. I am blissfully happy, fully aware that yes, I do live in New Jersey. Our move went off basically without a hitch, thanks to my husband’s and my brother-in-law Shloimie’s muscle. Yonah is thrilled with his “new ‘patment” and has already marked his […]

Working Woman

In: My Two Cents, Parenthood

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2009 55% of mothers (including those with infants) were out in the workforce. So, I guess you can now consider me one of the majority. Yesterday, I was offered the fantastic position of the Director of Admissions/Marketing and PR at the Jewish day school in Cherry Hill. […]

Job Hunting

In: My Two Cents, Travel

Health gurus from the most holistic to the strictly medical all agree that when you’ve got stress, it shows up somewhere on your body. Some people get headaches or cramps, others have joint trouble or pain in random body parts. When I’m stressed, I feel it in my upper back and in my throat, […]

One More Thing

In: My Two Cents

To my gorgeous, fantastic, delightful, adorable, patient and fabulous husband/baby daddy, Shuie: Happy 3-year Anniversary, Babe!

So why did we choose Akiva?

First of all, in my humble opinion, it’s a beautiful name. Luckily enough, Rabbi Akiva ben Yosef, my son’s namesake, also happened to be The eminent Torah scholar of all Jewish History. A story I heard about him a few years ago is actually one of the things […]

Akiva, part 1

In: My Two Cents, Parenthood

L.B. is L.B. no more. This morning at his bris, we announced his name: Akiva. His namesake is Rabbi Akiva, one of the great Torah scholars in Jewish History. While I would love to wax poetic about why we chose the name right now, I have a houseful of hopped-up kids clamoring for french […]

Of my few choice obsessions, perhaps the dearest to my heart is my love affair with Kate Winslet. I should clarify that I am not one of those people to jump on the “Kate Rules” bandwagon that has gained momentum in the past couple of years. Heaven forbid. Anyone close to me will attest […]

Iron Chef America

In: My Two Cents

It is a rare occasion indeed that I will sit down and watch television. I used to be a total TV addict, but after working in L.A., every time I turn on the tube I always think of the network execs who sit around the boardroom table, batting around ideas for shows. Based on […]

Newest Obsession

In: Music, My Two Cents

I love Paula Cole. Her 1994 album Harbinger was on constant repeat during my senior year of high school and This Fire¬†(for which she won a grammy) is my favorite album of all time. She has one of the most powerful and beautiful voices I have ever heard. Her music is raw, honest and so […]

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A blog from the mind of Rea: mother, wife, writer, musician, seeker, health food kook, world traveler, film geek and 12 stepper. If you're looking for a sassy mix of music, tips and tricks, anecdotes and thoughts on life (lived on the front line!) you've come to the right place. Happy Reading!

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